COVID-19 Resource Center

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Harland Clarke is committed to maintaining critical operations with minimal risk of disruption, while supporting our employees, our clients, and their customers.

Harland Clarke has a cross-functional Pandemic Response Team (PRT) that is leading our planning and virus response efforts associated with COVID-19. This Resource Center is set up to keep you informed about how we can provide assistance and respond to your needs during this difficult period.

Latest Update: August 10, 2022

  • Periodically, you and your customers may experience longer than usual wait times on calls made to our contact centers.
  • While the majority of orders are arriving within the expected timeframes, we have seen some delays in delivery.  Customers can always check the status of their order here
  • Due to supply chain disruptions, DUPLICATE CHECKS and DUPLICATE DEPOSIT TICKETS will have extended delivery times. Please consider choosing the SINGLE option if you need the normal turnaround for your order. Thank you for your business. We encourage you to check the status of your order for updates.
  • Our Pandemic Response Team continues to meet several times a week to monitor the health and well-being of our employees and to manage our business continuity plans.
  • The Harland Clarke Executive Team meets regularly to address emerging issues and to ensure uninterrupted service for our clients and their customers.
  • Harland Clarke is a critical supplier to essential businesses and will continue to operate under current state of emergency and stay-at-home orders as local conditions and restrictions allow. Our manufacturing facilities and contact centers will continue to provide vital financial products and services to you and your customers.

Ongoing Preventive Steps in Place

  • All Harland Clarke employees and contractors who have the ability to work from home have made the transition. Network and IT infrastructure has been thoroughly tested and upgraded as appropriate to accommodate the transition to remote work.
  • Our facilities are cleaned and sanitized frequently throughout the day.
  • We have installed wellness check stations at the entrance of every facility and require anyone entering the building to pass the check.
  • We are actively reminding our employees about respiratory etiquette and frequent hand washing.
  • We require all employees, contractors and vendors on-site at one of our locations to wear face coverings while in the facility.
  • Only essential vendors are currently permitted to enter our facilities, and are interviewed regarding potential exposure, international travel, symptoms, etc. before being granted access.
  • We have implemented social distancing strategies to include the following:
    • Physically dispersing members of a team who work on a particular program, or call type throughout our contact centers, to reduce the risk of illness impacting an entire team.
    • Utilizing cross-trained resources within our manufacturing teams to disperse equipment and process skillsets to mitigate downtime due to potential absenteeism.
    • Utilizing empty workstations and office space for employees and contractors throughout our facilities where possible.
    • Limiting and eliminating in-person huddles/meetings, and reducing the use of common areas and break rooms.
    • Staggered shift start/stop times to mitigate physical team overlap.
  • We continue to monitor our supply chains and currently have the supplies and inventory needed to maintain operations and serve our clients and their customers.
  • We continue to protect our data and facilities with all of our standard security controls in place.
  • Harland Clarke facilities are following applicable federal, state and local ordinances related to COVID-19.

Best Practices

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