Vision, Mission & Core Values

Connecting businesses and people how, when, and where it matters.

vision mission graphicHarland Clarke Vision

Connecting businesses and people how, when, and where it matters.


Delivering success for those that we serve by enabling meaningful engagement with those that they serve. 

Core Values


  • We will treat others with dignity, valuing and benefiting from personal differences.
  • We will protect and preserve the global environment with purpose and care.  
  • We will value others’ time, skills, views and contributions.
  • We will be accountable for the impact of our actions and behaviors on fellow employees, customers, shareholders and the communities in which we operate.


Trust & Integrity

  • We will act with integrity, which means always doing the right thing legally, ethically and morally.
  • We will honor the spirit and intent of our commitments and promises, demonstrating consistency between our actions and our words.


Diversity & Inclusion

  • We will promote behaviors and business practices that align with Diversity & Inclusion management principals.
  • We will foster and nurture an environment where diversity of thought, race, gender and other attributes are valued and leveraged to result in our competitive advantage.
  • We will embrace the ideas and unique perspectives of our diverse talent to generate innovation and new opportunities.
  • We will base our decisions on business requirements and not our personal preferences or traditional ways of doing things.


Employee Engagement

  • We will contribute to a safe, secure and supportive work environment.
  • We will pursue challenging and rewarding work opportunities that nurture personal and professional initiative and growth.
  • We will genuinely listen, seek understanding and encourage open dialogue.
  • We will recognize and celebrate individual and team successes.


Client & Customer Focus

  • We will listen to our customers and deliver ever-increasing value in the markets we serve.
  • We will be responsible for both external and internal customer satisfaction.
  • We will focus on customer relationships that build trust, confidence, and loyalty.


Fact-Based & Data-Driven Decisions

  • We will use data to evaluate opportunities, present options, and make high-quality, informed decisions that support the growth of the business.
  • We will make fact-based decisions, powered by analytics applied to rich data, to drive business strategy.