Mystery Shopping

Consumers expect more today from their financial institution. They want to deal with knowledgeable employees who take ownership and do more than handle transactions. They want to have their needs recognized and possible solutions presented. How can financial institutions compete to be that provider of choice? By setting standards for quality service and then measuring the results from their account holders’ perspective.

Mystery shopping employs professionally trained “shoppers” who conduct in-person, telephone and website evaluations of a client’s experience through predetermined, customized scenarios.

Harland Clarke’s Mystery Shopping Program provides more than 125 clients with both quality service evaluations and extensive reporting. Through a positive approach to quality service measurement, the program is designed to recognize employees’ strengths and identify development areas.

The program provides:

  • A baseline analysis of skill sets among designated employee groups
  • Feedback on in-person evaluations and alternative delivery systems (phone center, back office, website, etc.)
  • Ongoing service evaluations to measure improvements and provide specific information to the management team to support coaching efforts
  • Online results reporting that includes graphs and extensive historical perspectives
  • Employee incentives including certificates, recognition opportunities, and recommendations for and coordination with incentive programs