Enhance Portfolio Performance with Stratics®

Leveraging Harland Clarke’s National Banking Industry Database, along with account holder data, Stratics gives you true predictive intelligence based on actual account holder behavior. It can be used to define a relationship strategy for individual account holders, as well as specific market segments.

Stratics Value Segmentation evaluates your portfolio across two key indicators — attrition and purchase propensity — to help you understand which account holders provide opportunity and which are at risk. It offers predictive models to aid in understanding account holders and how to effectively market to them:

  • Purchase Potential Models
    Which account holders have the propensity to purchase a specific product
  • Next Most Likely Product Models
    The next product the account holder has the greatest propensity to purchase
  • Attrition Predictor Models
    Account holder propensity to churn
  • Custom Modeling
    Custom predictive models for specific business challenges

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