Opportunity Analysis

Grow Your Bottom Line with
Opportunity Analysis

“About 10 percent of account holders represent 50 percent of profitable revenue for financial institutions. Growth comes from understanding the other 90 percent.”¹

The key to sustaining profitability is achieving product penetration over time. Our Opportunity Analysis helps you do just that by mining your account portfolio to identify areas of potential growth and develop a strategic action plan. Key components of this advanced diagnostic tool, that leverages our proprietary National Banking Industry Database and Stratics® predictive modeling, include:

  1. Value segmentation: Segment account holders by purchase potential and attrition propensity; profile segments by size, demographics, product usage, opportunity and marketing strategy
  2. Attrition measurement: Assess attrition risk across metrics including rates, number of products and tenure
  3. Product assessment: Gather diagnostic information on product penetration, performance over time and cross-sell ratios
  4. New account holder assessment: Gain insights on account holder mix, including behavior differences between new and existing account holders
  5. Performance benchmarking: Review your financial institution’s performance versus the industry for product penetration, channel usage, share of wallet and other key metrics