Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Prospect


Learn How to Turn Prospects into Account Holders

How do prospective account holders experience your financial institution? Are your frontline employees able to seal the deal and turn prospects into new account holders? Or are they costing you business with every interaction? How do you know?

Harland Clarke’s Mystery Shopping reveals your brand from the prospect’s point of view. Using professional shoppers who fit your target demographics, Harland Clarke can help you:

  • Evaluate prospect experience in-person, online and over the phone
  • Identify and respond to service strengths and weaknesses
  • Recognize trends across your financial institution
  • Obtain detailed shop information by branch, employee, function or question
  • Enhance your employee training to improve the prospect experience

Each Mystery Shopping program is customized to fit your institution’s goals and objectives. Our team works with you to measure baseline attributes as well as develop customized shopping scenarios to assess key products and brand touchpoints.

Then, our EnGauge online reporting tool puts feedback at your fingertips – fast. EnGauge provides monitoring in near real-time, providing insights as soon as our shoppers input data, so you can quickly compare scores to your quality standards.