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Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Achieve long-lasting, profitable relationships that provide value to the customer and the business.

Increased competition and a proliferation of technology in the financial sector has made lifelong relationships with a financial institution a thing of the past. It’s easier than ever to open and close accounts, get a loan, invest or transfer funds.

High retention is the result of delivering exceptional customer experiences over time. We help our clients deliver personalized experiences across the entire customer relationship lifecycle — improving retention, deepening relationships and driving increased profitability.

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Learn how financial institutions can differentiate and compete in the “new normal.”

Annual churn rates of new customers are 20-25% in the first year. (CustomerThink)
On average, 60% of borrowers commit to a loan offer within one week of initiating their search. (Harland Clark Client Data)
Customers with one bank product will stay on average 18 months; three or more products raises the average to 6.8 years.(Fiserv)
Customers of banks that lead in customer experience are two times more likely to take up new products and services.(Kantar)


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