“The key to successfully marketing financial products and services is to take a customer-centric approach, creating partnerships built on an understanding of financial needs, and personalized solutions.”¹


Portfolio Analytics from Harland Clarke empowers financial institutions to make strategic, data-driven decisions to identify and target the right consumers to retain and grow their customer base. Using Harland Clarke’s National Banking Industry Database and proprietary segmentation methodology, Portfolio Analytics examines household, deposit, loan, and fee income portfolios to provide customized and actionable insight to efficiently and effectively improve acquisition, retention, and cross-sell performance metrics.

The result is a detailed, tactical roadmap with identified opportunities to efficiently grow and retain account holders and optimize portfolios. Institutions can confidently prioritize marketing initiatives based on strategic value and return, and deploy informed and results-oriented strategies.

Benefits of Portfolio Analytics:

  • Smart, data-informed marketing programs
  • Better efficiencies, targeting, and profitability
  • Deep understanding of portfolio strengths and weaknesses
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Optimized portfolio performance