Merger & Acquisition Services

What Sets Us Apart

Harland Clarke helps you attract, acquire and retain your most profitable customers through innovative and proven direct marketing campaigns. In the highly complex and volatile world of bank mergers and acquisitions, flawless execution is a must-have requirement. Harland Clarke understands that communicating clearly and concisely and not overwhelming customers with unnecessary or untimely information will help to build trust, which, in turn, will lead to richer relationships.

Harland Clarke understands financial services marketing initiatives and the importance of flawlessly executing integration communications. The Harland Clarke team is equipped to be the partner of choice for our clients' needs. Our relevant experience of both the agency and client sides of the business allows us to "hit the ground running" with minimal ramp-up time.


The successful management of new client conversions is a Harland Clarke specialty and core competency. Our company has converted an average of six million account holders every year and, to date, has completed more conversions than any other check provider in our industry. As a result, Harland Clarke has become the recognized industry leader in conversion support. We are uniquely positioned to support your merger and transition objectives. Our cross-functional teaming approach, coupled with ongoing conversion experience enables us to be a proactive partner in managing your account holder conversions. Your transition with Harland Clarke will be successful because we deliver the following:

  • Innovative printing, contact center, and production technology
  • Best practices in communication and information systems processes
  • Dedicated account service support and a key transition point-of-contact
  • Monitored success through measurement tools such as billing/profitability reports
  • A multitude of conversion solutions based on your unique needs