Check Programs

Checking is not only an important transactional account — it's key to the primary banking relationship. Harland Clarke understands the vital role checks play in account holder engagement and profitability.  

As the leader in check innovation, we have revolutionized the industry and redefined the state of the art in check packaging, customization and mobile security deposit.

Check Order Capture

Check Order Acquisition

Capturing a new account holder’s check order (personal or business) is a prime engagement opportunity.

Online Check Ordering

Online Check Ordering

Let your account holders reorder personal or business checks using our secure ordering sites

Fraud Mitigation Solutions

Fraud Mitigation Solutions

Put account holders at ease with a range of security solutions, from packaging to fraud recovery

Business Performance Management

Check Program Performance Measurement

Uncover profit opportunities in your check program through analysis of your metrics and data

Commitment to Community

Commitment to Community

Our commitment to the community translates to active support of local and national causes that are meaningful to your institution and to your account holders

Commitment to Security

Commitment to Data Security

Our corporate commitment to data security means your institution and its checking account holders enjoy an exceptional level of risk protection

Research continues to affirm the importance of check writers as high-value account holders, and paper checks will always be the preferred method for some account holders’ payments. We’ve specifically designed our check programs to drive account holder profitability, engagement and tenure with your financial institution.

Harland Clarke will give you a competitive edge.

Changes in technology, consumer behavior and government regulation have led financial institutions to rethink the role of checks