Online Check Ordering

Ordering checks online is quick and easy with Harland Clarke.

For your account holders, Harland Clarke offers two options — integration with your online banking website or native mobile app, and direct access.

An integration to our check ordering website can easily and securely be added to your online banking platform. Using their online banking credentials, account holders simply click the check reorder link and are seamlessly passed to our order system using secure encryption, all in seconds.

Your account holders can also directly access our check ordering portal using their routing transit and account numbers to sign in. This provides a quick reorder option for account holders not enrolled in online banking. Direct sessions originate from your website (outside of online banking), or from reorder forms, packaging and other collateral that directs account holders to www.OrderMyChecks.com.

For your branches, Harland Clarke provides quick online ordering as part of your account opening and customer service process. Access for your branch employees is available via controlled sign-in or integration with your core system. Our portal includes flexible setup options, easy check ordering, servicing functions and many helpful quick reference tools.