Check Program Performance Measurement

CPPM takes traditional approaches to income generation and expense reduction and provides the data that enables you to prioritize activity.

  1. Consultative service focused on your check program metrics and data

  2. Comprehensive suite of data warehousing and analysis tools that use proven processes

  3. Fact-based set of recommendations for managing your checking program and maximizing your profitability


Recommendations often focus on:

  • Waive practices
  • Bank expense trends
  • Business check acquisition and retention rates
  • Retail check acquisition and retention rates
  • Channel utilization rates
  • Commercial referral penetration and participation rates

Value of CPPM

Clients using the outputs of CPPM have been able to uncover millions in profit improvement opportunities with most engagements revealing at least 10-15% of profit growth concepts.

Many opportunities uncovered by the Performance Management Team that are successfully addressed become recurring revenue streams (or cost reductions) vs. simply one-time benefits.