Reloadable Visa TravelMoney®

Visa TravelMoney® Cards are the newest offering in reloadable prepaid cards and a must-have for financial institutions. Ensure you are offering your account holders the convenience and security they deserve when they travel.

Your account holders are traveling the world, and they want to know their travel funds are secure and easy to access. Our Visa TravelMoney Cards take the place of traveler’s checks while providing the convenience of being accepted anywhere Visa Debit is accepted worldwide.

  • If you are a smaller institution that is looking for a low cost of entry – that allows you to provide a service typically found at larger banks that also adds a revenue generator to your product mix – this service fits your requirements.
  • If you are a larger institution that wants a turnkey, no hassle, and low risk product solution that allows you to expand your current prepaid products – this service will compliment your current offerings.

A TravelMoney Program made convenient and easy for financial institutions

We have created a turnkey Visa TravelMoney program that you can implement quickly and administer with low risk, low overhead and no additional infrastructure. Our program provides the BIN, Visa and network reporting and back-office work, even chargeback processing.

A TravelMoney Program made convenient and easy for consumers

Visa TravelMoney cardholders will like the convenient and secure alternative to carrying cash or traveler’s checks. When traveling out of the country, the TravelMoney card allows the traveler to get local currency out of any Visa or Cirrus ATM. The card also carriers many unique travel benefits like lost luggage replacement, travel and emergency assistance and can be replaced in most cities around the world within one business day.

A turnkey program at its best

  • Your Visa TravelMoney program can be up and running quickly. Our superior customer service model, hands on training and on-going support provide you a prepaid program that is operationally efficient with low overhead and no additional infrastructure.
  • Our program allows your financial institution to keep a small inventory of cards at each of your branches. The Visa TravelMoney card can be loaded for any amount up to $5,000. Unlike traveler’s checks, financial institutions do not have to keep cards of multiple denominations at the branches.
  • Existing Harland Clarke Gift Card and/or Prepaid Debit Card clients can easily add the Visa TravelMoney Card to their offerings. Our Visa TravelMoney card program uses the same web-based platform allowing employees to use the same user name/password as they do for our gift card and prepaid debit programs.
  • The Visa TravelMoney card program can be purchased ala carte or with the other Harland Clarke prepaid reloadable programs (Gift Cards and Prepaid Debit).
  • Visa TravelMoney cardholders have access to customer service support 24x7 through a user-friendly website, IVR or live agents. Cardholders can check their balance, monitor their transaction history, change their PIN, report lost or stolen cards, and settle disputes without having to contact your financial institution.
  • The cards can be reloaded at any participating financial institution or at any merchant that displays the Visa ReadyLink logo. A complete list of Visa ReadyLink merchants and locations is available at

Provide your account holders with financial convenience

When your account holders travel, provide them the most secure and convenient alternative to traveler’s checks.  They can use their Visa TravelMoney Card at over 25 million merchants who accept Visa Debit and get local currency at any Visa or Cirrus ATM worldwide.

Our Visa TravelMoney Card provides the following benefits:

  • Emergency card replacement and emergency cash disbursement
  • Lost or stolen card reporting
  • Protection from fraudulent use with Visa’s Zero Liability (to learn more, visit
  • Lost luggage reimbursement
  • Travel and emergency assistance services

Why Harland Clarke?

Harland Clarke Card Services is a leader in offering prepaid products to financial institutions. For more than five years, our turnkey, low risk, hassle-free programs have set the standard in program quality, efficiency and customer service. We continue to improve our program with more robust reporting, the highest security, inventory management and targeted marketing. We don’t just keep our clients happy; we continuously find ways to improve our program and enhance their experience.

Your financial institution will want to stay on the forefront of prepaid products. Harland Clarke Card Services provides a turnkey, low risk, low overhead Visa TravelMoney program. Keep your existing account holders satisfied and prevent them from going to your competition. As demand for prepaid cards continues to grow, ensure your account holders have the most secure and convenient way to travel with their money.

Start your Visa TravelMoney® Card program today!

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