Payroll Cards

Give your business accounts and their employees
something they want — today.

Enhance your relationships with existing business accounts, give yourself a competitive advantage in marketing to new accounts — and earn new fee income — with Harland Clarke's Payroll Cards. Harland Clarke has partnered with a leading prepaid technology company to give you a complete turnkey payroll card program that includes:
  • Marketing support
  • Training
  • 24/7 phone and online support
  • The technology to easily load additional value onto cards

What are Payroll (a.k.a. “Payment”) Cards?

Payroll cards allow your business accounts to deposit an employee’s payroll directly to a Visa card, saving them the time and money of issuing paper checks to un-banked employees.
Payroll Card Facts
  • 25 million Americans are un-banked. (Celent Communications)
  • At least 25% of these un-banked households will use payroll cards within the next 12 months. (Celent Communications)
  • Employers spend between $3-$18 per paper check issued. (American Payroll Association)
  • Un-banked employees spend 2%-16% of their net pay on check cashing fees. (American Payroll Association)

Benefits to Your Business Accounts

  • Reduces the costs and administrative burden associated with paper checks
  • Helps achieve 100% direct deposit
  • Easy setup for employee accounts
  • No new infrastructure needed, uses current ACH direct deposit system
  • No need to change payroll provider
  • Twice daily ACH payroll posting
  • Can be used for reimbursement, bonus and immediate pay

Benefits to Their Employees

  • Provides immediate payroll access
  • Eliminates check cashing and wire transfer fees
  • Second card can be issued for an additional user
  • Can purchase goods and services where ever Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide 24/7 phone and online support in English and Spanish
  • Prestige of carrying a Visa debit card

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