Gift Cards

Prepaid gift cards are the latest must-have service offering —
and for good reason.

They’re a flexible, fail-safe gift for shoppers, as well as an easy way for you to add to your service offerings and better compete in the marketplace.

  • If you’re a smaller institution, our gift cards have a low-cost entry point that lets you provide a “big bank” service while adding a modest revenue-generator to your product mix.
  • If you’re a larger institution, you can enter the prepaid space with no risk or hassle. Gift cards won’t generate millions of dollars, but they’ll draw traffic to your storefront — and keep your existing account holders from visiting other financial institutions.

We make it easy… for consumers and financial institutions

Our prepaid Visa® Gift Card is a disposable debit card that can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Buyers purchase gift cards at a fixed dollar amount of their choice. Recipients can use them in person, on the phone or online.

A turn key program at its best

  • We get your gift card program up and running in no time. We do everything possible to minimize your hassle and risk, including providing the BIN, Visa and network reporting and back-office work, even chargeback processing. Hands-on training and ongoing support help ensure your operations stay efficient with virtually no overhead or additional infrastructure.
  • Customer service is provided 24/7 for gift card recipients through live agents, IVR or a user-friendly web site. Cardholders can check their balance, transaction history, report lost or stolen cards, and settle disputes without having to contact the financial institution.
  • In-branch sales using an online platform ensure your gift cards can only be loaded at your locations and not external sites. 
  • We offer five distinct gift card stocks for any occasion — you can offer one or multiple card stocks in your branches with or without your name and logo — the choice is yours. Or, we can create custom gift card stock just for you (additional fees and time apply).

Branch marketing collateral

We go the extra mile to ensure the success of your gift card sales by giving you eye-catching branch collateral to promote your program. And you can utilize our latest seasonal campaigns to keep interest high — all at no additional charge.

Increase your branch traffic by utilizing our ability to add your financial institution’s branch locations to Visa’s Gift Card branch locator at When cardholders visit the Gift Card page of — as 1.5 million people did last year — they can simply enter their respective zip codes and find a list of the nearest  branch locations selling Visa Gift Cards. By listing your branches on you can draw additional traffic without spending additional marketing resources.

Reach out to strengthen your business accounts

Empower your business accounts with something they want: the perfect way to reward their clients, their employees and pay their incentive plans. Our bulk ordering solution makes buying a large number of gift cards easy and convenient. And, because they are Visa Gift Cards, they are welcomed anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Whether your business accounts are ordering 25 or 2,500 gift cards, our bulk ordering option is a perfect choice for your financial institution, your business accounts and their clients and employees.

Why Now?

Being at the forefront of innovative services like gift cards keeps your account holders satisfied and prevents them from looking elsewhere. If you don’t offer them, chances are someone
else will.

Start your gift card program today!

To learn more, contact your account executive, call Card Services at 1.800.277.7637 or contact us