PIN Options

Computer Generated PIN

Our standard PIN calculation method. Each PIN is computer generated using a secure mathematical formula and mailed on a PIN mailer first class, two business days after the card has been shipped.

Do your cardholders have trouble memorizing their PINs?

Cardholder-selected PIN

If cardholders can easily remember their PIN, they are more likely to use their card. Our cardholder-selected PIN program allows them to choose their own PIN with one short and secure toll-free phone call. And, because there is no PIN mailer, it costs only pennies more than a computer-generated PIN.

Two different cards, one easy PIN

Facing a reissue because of a processor or BIN change? Upgrading your cardholders from ATM to debit or integrating an acquisition? Our PIN bridge programming enables your cardholders to keep their familiar PIN, making them more likely to activate and use their new card — thereby generating additional interchange income for your financial institution. The increased security and postage savings reduce operating expenses, too.