Photo Cards

Add security for your cardholders. Increase revenue for your financial institution.

Photo cards, long popular with several large card issuers, are now affordable and easy for anyone to offer. Reducing fraud, increasing revenue, higher retention — these reasons have always made sense. Now, photo cards make sense from an operational and economic perspective as well.

Harland Clarke has created a photo card package that is all-encompassing, even to the point of providing digital cameras and information on how to take a good photo, all at a price you can afford. We simplified the process by marrying modern one-click online technology for photo capture with Harland Clarke’s time-honored service philosophy. Everything was designed to ensure your photo card program is successful and easy to manage.

Reasons to offer photo cards

  • Grow cardholder relationships. Studies show higher application rates and lower attrition rates with photo cards.
  • Increase revenue. Photo card programs typically have higher card usage rates, meaning more interchange and interest fees.
  • Reduce fraud. The photo and the cardholder’s signature on the back of the card help to authenticate the card when presented to a merchant, substantially reducing fraud.
  • Differentiate your cards. Photo cards have strong cardholder appeal, allowing you to distinguish your card program from your competitors.

Innovation made easy and affordable

  • Easy
    We provide all the tools necessary — from the camera, backdrop and easy-to-follow instructions, to a secure Web-based platform to send us your photos. We match the photo with the card order using a unique reference number. The result? Your cardholder has a secure photo card within days.
  • Flexible
    The photo card package makes it easy and convenient to start a new photo card program or convert an established debit or credit card program to photo cards. You can issue photo cards to all your cardholders or simply offer it to some. The choice is yours.
  • Affordable
    All financial institutions can benefit from this program and pricing is surprisingly affordable. We even have generic photo card stock available.
  • Fast turnaround
    Your cardholder’s photo will be to us as quickly as the card order, thanks to our electronic delivery systems. This, coupled with Our’s standard next-day turnaround, means there’s no need to wait an extra week because it’s a photo card.
  • Digital
    The entire process is digital. No need to mail in a paper photo hoping the picture is available when the card order is sent. No more guesswork — you receive daily e-mail reports verifying which photos you have sent. As a security bonus, you have your cardholder’s digital photo available for other purposes, such as identification confirmation during in-person transactions.