Education & Training

Facilitate More Informed Staff and Account Holders with Comprehensive Training

If you want customer service that sets your institution apart, exceptional education and training is a must. Informed staffers improve the account holder experience by providing relevant and timely information. In turn, informed consumers have the essential financial and fraud prevention tips they need to make wise decisions and protect their assets.

But how can you provide the instruction your staff and account holders need? Turn to Harland Clarke.

Our comprehensive education and training options, designed by in-house curriculum specialists and subject matter experts, are engaging, effective and affordable for financial institutions of all sizes.

Increase account holder financial literacy with a broad online curriculum

Help your account holders protect themselves from identity theft

Prepare branch personnel to successfully manage small business checking needs
Deter check fraud by sharing preventive measures and best practices with your account holders
Educate staff for career excellence with more than 200 courses in our Online University
Learn about our online system for invoices, price lists and check program profitability reports