Conversion M&A

Mergers and Acquisitions

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Ensure a Seamless Merger or Acquisition with Satisfied Account Holders and Empowered Staff

No matter what the potential gain may be from your upcoming merger or acquisition, account holders have to believe there’s a benefit for them, or they will leave – taking many high-end assets with them. Employees must be engaged to fully support your acquisition efforts. If competitors sense weakness, they will poach mercilessly.

To Retain New Customers, Be There First with a Reassuring Message
Soon-to-be account holders who hear about their financial institution’s acquisition from the media or a third party first are twice as likely to switch to another institution.1 Don’t risk losing them to competitors. Communicate early and often about relevant transitional activities.

Boost Employee Confidence Throughout the Conversion Process
Newly acquired branch employees need to understand the merged organizational structure and the roles that they will play in its success. Proper training and support will boost their confidence and prepare them to educate account holders on merger-related changes. Your attention to detail will be reflected in the higher levels of service they give to your customers.

Rely on Extensive Industry Expertise and Proven Change Management Strategies for a Successful Outcome
Harland Clarke has worked with financial institutions like yours for 140 years. So, we have the expertise to design and implement a comprehensive support and communication strategy that reassures, integrates and engages staff and customers – both old and new. You can depend on us to carefully manage your merger/acquisition program from beginning to end.