Conversion M&A

Online Banking Conversion Support

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Ease Transitions and Manage Change with Proactive Communication

Mergers and acquisitions often bring disruption. But with the help of Harland Clarke’s Contact Center Solutions, your commitment to service can remain steady, even during times of change.

Our highly trained staff will become an extension of your organization, embracing your culture, your business and your brand. We help you implement a comprehensive communication plan for conversion initiatives and guide your account holders through the change process.

Working with Harland Clarke eliminates long hold times. And we can seamlessly handle your inbound call needs as well as initiate outbound calls if they’re part of your conversion plan.

Online Banking Conversion Support
Changing online banking providers can generate a substantial increase in inbound call volume. Our expansive team of call center specialists has handled countless conversions for financial institutions during these relatively short-duration spikes, with burstable capacity as needed.

Onboarding Support and Welcome Calls
Conversion provides an excellent opportunity to reinvigorate your account holder relationships and build loyalty. Let our call center specialists handle your welcome calls and onboarding initiatives. While your staff is immersed in the conversion process, our professional staff can handle any questions — and identify additional sales opportunities.

Card Activation
Take the hassle out of conversion-driven card activations by making them quick and easy. Our team can scale to meet the spike in inbound calls as your account holders switch to new debit and credit cards.

Event Management
Planning welcome events for account holders? Let us handle the invitation follow-ups. We’ll contact your invitees, make reminder calls or serve as the hub for RSVPs.