Strategic Marketing Approach

Marketing Designed to Achieve Optimum ROI
Marketing strategy is all about connecting insight to action. Fueled by research, data and analytics, Harland Clarke designs multichannel campaigns to reach the right account holders and prospects with clear and compelling messages when they will be most receptive. Our goal is to deliver optimum returns on your marketing investment.

Achieve Primary Financial Institution Status with Account Holders
Our goal is to maximize value at every phase of the account holder lifecycle to help you gain Primary Financial Institution Status. That’s why Lifecycle Marketing is at the heart of everything we do. More about Lifecycle Marketing

Take a Strategic Marketing Approach
We immerse ourselves in understanding your account holder portfolio, business objectives, opportunities and challenges. We then design marketing programs to drive profitability and engagement at every stage of the account holder lifecycle.




The key to a solid marketing strategy is understanding your account holders, prospects and the marketplace. With sophisticated tools and techniques, we gather customer opinions, evaluate their experiences and gauge brand perception. Our goal? To help you make more informed marketing and business decisions.

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Financial institutions generate large volumes of data, but few know how to effectively use it to inform their marketing efforts. Our data scientists and business intelligence experts evaluate your portfolio, benchmark performance against our National Banking Industry database, assess your market position and identify strategic opportunities. 

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Strategy is all about linking insights to action. With knowledge gained from research, data and analysis, we design multichannel campaigns to reach the right account holders and prospects with the right message at the right time. To ensure optimal returns on marketing investment (ROMI), we establish and measure performance to continually refine marketing programs.

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Harland Clarke Creative Services is an award-winning team of financial services direct marketing experts. We balance imagination with solid strategy to develop engaging creative that works.

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With expertise in digital media, direct mail, telephone, in-branch and transactional print, we can reach account holders and prospects wherever they are.

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To ensure that you achieve marketing goals and a healthy ROMI, we track results and analyze your marketing program results to apply what we learn and improve future campaigns.

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With expertise in multiple channels, we can reach account holders and prospects where they are.