Portfolio: Frost Bank #1

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ms%20pf_logo_frostbank Frost Bank
“Iced Tea”
Free Checking

The Challenge:

How do you stand out in a sea of Free Checking offers to attract new households and replenish deposits?

The Creative Strategy:

In this case, we made the most of an outstanding brand and created an “experiential” mail piece. As valuable as the Free Checking offer was, and as appealing as the “Warm Welcome Blanket” was, the pull of the Frost brand was even stronger.

On a soft, sun-bleached blue background, the type of the teaser is subtle and weathered: “Free Checking and Free Refills on Iced Tea.” Inside, the payoff reads, “It’s just a nice thing to do.” Right away, the consumer feels welcome and knows what to expect from Frost. The values of the Frost brand come through, from the personal attention to the 136-year Texas heritage. The premium and Refer-a-Friend offers are important, but they know their place. This is definitely an out-of-category treatment for selling Free Checking – it’s not so much that it’s free, but that it’s Frost.

Of course, the offer revealed under the third panel didn’t go unnoticed. New customers poured in with their perf-off certificates to open checking accounts and collect their “Warm Welcome Blanket.”