Statistical Modeling

The Stratics® product suite provides predictive modeling intelligence that increases the effectiveness of your cross-and up-sell marketing efforts. By leveraging Harland Clarke’s Industry Database as well as your account holder information, Stratics can be used to define a relationship strategy for individual account holders as well as specific market segments.

Stratics Value Segmentation evaluates your portfolio across two key indicators: attrition and purchase propensity to help marketers understand what customers provide opportunity and risk in the upcoming weeks and months. Stratics helps you understand your account holders and effectively market to them by providing the following predictive models for retail and small business banking:

  • Purchase Potential Models: help predict which account holders have the propensity to purchase a specific product

  • Next Most Likely Product Models: help predict the next product the household has the greatest propensity to purchase

  • Attrition Predictor Models: help predict account holder propensity to diminish balances

  • Custom Solutions: enable you to address your specific business challenges using custom predictive models