Financial Education

Online Universities From Harland Clarke

Harland Clarke is committed to continuing to provide you with state-of-the-art educational solutions. Helping to grow and sustain your organization is what motivates us to constantly look for innovative and timely solutions to meet your goals and objectives.

Educational Services understands that the best training solution is an educational system that incorporates adult learning techniques to enhance retention of content, not just present text. We focus on the power of learning within an organization to achieve specific business results while engaging the students in the learning process.

Online Learning

The University formalizes the educational process by creating an environment of reward and recognition while establishing a system that holds the student accountable for results. Career enrichment is enhanced through access to information and individual initiative.

The online University is scalable — growing with your changing needs and educational goals. The standard University develops core competencies and builds consistency in learning. Custom content, such as Product Knowledge and New Employee Orientation specific to your financial institution, enhances training with your institution's personalized information. Add Class Administration and Monitoring Groups to expand online learning and assign reporting access to managers throughout the organization.

You can also customize your home page with your logo, artwork and a unique name for your training center, and subscribe to the Web Author tool to create and deliver your own online courses.

The online University educational program includes:

  • Comprehensive Learning Management System to allow for individualized testing, tracking and communication
  • 24x7 access to more than 200 financial institution-specific modules
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Individual development plans (IDPs)
  • Coaching activities and role-playing modules
  • Ongoing phone support

To learn more about ways to customize your university, courses offered, special content available or for a University demonstration, contact Harland Clarke Digital today