Intelligent onboarding

Intelligent Onboarding

You work hard to acquire new account holders — make the most of that valuable investment

Harland Clarke’s Onboarding Solution optimizes the value of new account holder relationships through a series of targeted, data-driven multichannel communications. Our solution is designed to address a fundamental business challenge facing financial institutions today: 20-30 percent first-year attrition of new account holders, a rate two to three times greater than that of established accounts.

By welcoming and engaging account holders during the first 90 days of an account opening, our Onboarding Solution helps reduce attrition and increase cross-sell opportunities to effectively transition new accounts into satisfied, profitable and loyal relationships. 

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During the early stages of the account holder lifecycle, Onboarding can help:

  • Reduce attrition
  • Engage account holders in “sticky” products and services
  • Increase services/products per household
  • Increase revenue and wallet share
  • Enhance the account holder relationship

Harland Clarke enables financial institutions to deploy a versatile Onboarding program through:

  • Multichannel integration of direct mail, email and outbound calls
  • Targeted, relevant messaging through analytics and business intelligence
  • Performance measurement
  • Security protocol with a single-source provider
  • Dedicated program management to ensure speed to market delivery