Momentum Designs

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Acquire. Grow. Retain.

Developing your marketing plan and budget for the year is a monumental task. To be successful, you need to identify, anticipate, and then satisfy your account holders' needs — all with limited budget resources.

Harland Clarke can help. With Direct Mail Designs, it's easier to plan your campaigns and your budget for the entire year. You can market various products and services to your account holders, from traditional campaigns such as skip-a-pay and line of credit activations, to more targeted efforts focused on loan or deposit acquisition, or cross-selling sticky services such as debit cards for college-bound students.


We offer...

  • A full year plan - Harland Clarke can provide you with a recommended calendar to help you reach your account holders at the right time with the right message all year
  • Multiple, pre-designed formats - Get your communication in the mail fast, at an affordable price
  • Momentum designs - Our designs reflect the time of year and coincide with the financial needs of your account holders
  • Pre-written letter copy - Take advantage of the copy as is, rework to meet your business needs, or even provide your own
  • Fast-turnaround - Once we receive the final letter copy, digitized signature and logo, you can mail as early as three weeks!

Whether you're looking to grow new deposits, increase fee income or maximize delivery channels, we provide the marketing solutions that help you acquire, grow and retain account holders. We're here to partner with you now and throughout the year to help your financial institution meet its strategic goals. For more than 80 years, we've been doing just that.

Marketing Calendar Recommendations

  • Loan / Line Skip A Pay Campaigns
  • HELOC Activation / Utilization to pay for Home Improvements
  • Auto Loan Promotions
  • Mortgage Loan Campaigns
  • Credit Card Activation  / Utilization Campaigns to Pay for Vacations
  • Checking Acquisition  campaigns as Students prepare to go off to college
  • Auto Loan Promotions
  • Mortgage Loan Campaigns
  • HELOC Activation / Utilization to pay for Home Improvements
  • Credit Card Activation  / Utilization Campaigns to Pay for Holiday gifts
  • Loan / Line Skip A  Pay campaigns
  • Credit Card campaign that focuses on balance transfers.