Customer Experience Analytics

Get the Insight You Need to Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience

In today’s highly competitive environment, customer experience is king. Account holders and prospects demand exceptional service, personalized to their needs, at every touchpoint. How can you meet – or even exceed – such high expectations? Harland Clarke provides actionable insight into your financial institution from every perspective: account holder, prospect, employee, and competitor.

Drive Improved Performance with Account Holder Insight

To be a customer-centric organization, you need to have the pulse of your account holders. How do they really feel about you? Are they satisfied with your service? Would they recommend you to their friends? Are there blind spots you’re not even aware of that could be costing you business?

Harland Clarke’s Customer Experience Analytics delivers actionable intelligence to improve performance, directly from the source that matters most – your account holders. Using a variety of survey methodologies, we provide insight necessary to engage account holders and build a consistent customer experience.

Customer Experience Analytics gathers, measures, and interprets feedback from every touchpoint: branch, web, and call center. And every experience: New Account Opening, Lending, Business Banking, and Daily/Regular Interactions.

With real-time feedback and analytics, you can quickly and easily see how your institution is performing
in key areas such as:

  • Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS®)
  • Overall experience
  • Loyalty
  • Employee performance

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