Statement Solutions

Account holder statements can do more than detail transactions. Let Harland Clarke help you utilize business intelligence to turn “ordinary” account statements into relevant, personalized account holder communications that support your marketing strategies. Utilize the statement communication marketing channel to:

  • Increase cross-sell effectiveness
  • Improve return on investment
  • Support customer relationship management (CRM) strategies

Communicate with your account holders more effectively and efficiently with:

  • One-to-one targeted messaging
  • White space management
  • Brand support

With Harland Clarke, your statements are produced and fulfilled in a secure data environment designed for negotiable documents, where accuracy is ensured through high production quality.

Get three types of all-inclusive Statement Solutions: 

  • Transactional Print — Periodic, paper-based statements mailed to account holders
  • Electronic — Online version of the printed statement
  • Transpromotional Print/Online — Relevant one-to-one, targeted promotional messages driven by account holder analytics

Maximize the potential of your statements with Harland Clarke Statement Solutions. More on Statement Solutions.