Reach Prospects Most Likely to Say “Yes” With Loan Magnet™

Loan Magnet is a completely turnkey loan origination marketing solution that identifies eligible account holders and prospects with a high propensity to open new home equity and HELOC, auto, credit card and consumer loans. It uses our proprietary predictive modeling — incorporating dozens of data points, such as demographics, credit behavior, usage and more — to analyze your account holder and local market data, and sends credit-screened offers with your current promotional rate.

Loan Magnet includes advanced analytics, creative, printing and fulfillment, contact center services for account holders, and measurement.

The Harland Clarke Loan Magnet Advantage

  • Identifies account holders and prospects with the highest propensity to respond to your offer
  • Predicts types of loans in which they are most likely to be interested
  • Eliminates unqualified account holders and prospects based on your credit underwriting criteria
  • Generates personalized, preselected loan mailers with your current promotional rate

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With the economy improving, many consumers are ready to borrow again. Why not invest your limited loan marketing budget in those who are already identified as most likely to buy? Download sales sheet

Ready, Set, Reset: HELOCs Poised for Billions in Growth
Three current trends — including draw period expirations — are elevating HELOCs back to the consumer lending star status they were prior to the Great Recession. See how to take advantage of this opportunity to grow your loan portfolio. Download the white paper

Loan Magnet Delivers Almost 2,600% ROMI
Loan Magnet produced a 2.2% response rate – almost four times this regional bank’s prior loan acquisition marketing programs. The program also generated $111 million in new loan balances, $14 million in new deposits, and thousands of new customers. Download the case study

Prequalified Loan Marketing Program Generates Millions in New Loans
Using Loan Magnet, First Financial Bank generated an application rate of more than 3.3 percent, funded nearly $24 million in total loans, including almost $8.4 million in auto loans, and more than $14 million in mortgage and home equity loans. Download the case study