Cross-Sell Solution

Reduce Attrition and Expand Wallet Share

With every additional product an account holder owns, household attrition drops and average household balance increases dramatically.¹ Approximately one-third of account holders don’t plan to buy new products, but do so after receiving an offer.² Harland Clarke’s data-driven cross-sell solution offers an integrated approach to stem attrition and capture growth opportunities within your portfolio, particularly with your highest-potential account holders — those you want to retain most.

  • Data Analysis and Targeting
    • Understand account holder product ownership
    • Compare performance against industry benchmarks
    • Predict account holders’ risk of attrition and propensity to purchase additional products
    • Score, rank and prioritize account holders for marketing investment
    • Statistical modeling and credit screening
  • Closed-Loop Campaign Planning and Execution
    • Brand-driven, action-oriented creative across all channels — email, direct mail and ATM screens
    • Turnkey production and delivery optimization
    • Performance reporting
    • Mystery shopping to assess and reinforce training

Account holders expect to hear from you about relevant products and services. Let us help you capture the full profit potential of your account holder relationships, increase wallet share and stem attrition with our cross-sell solution.