Quickly Find Account Holders and Prospects Who are Ready to Refinance

Refi Genius is a comprehensive loan refinance marketing solution — for mortgage, home equity, HELOC and auto — that identifies and targets account holders and prospects with loans at competing financial institutions that can save money each month by refinancing with you. Highly predictive, upfront analysis helps you target high-quality borrowers who meet your underwriting criteria. Plus, you reach them at the point when they are most likely to accept an offer to refinance. Refi Genius calculates a savings total or lower payment – included in your initial direct mail piece. Extending this personalized offer increases the likelihood that candidates will accept and generates higher campaign response rates.

The Harland Clarke Refi Genius Advantage

  • Your loan criteria – automatically eliminates account holders who will not qualify according to specific underwriting criteria
  • Identifies consumers most likely to accept refinance offers
  • Turnkey, fully managed solution sends prescreened, personalized savings offers



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Account holders with loans at other financial institutions make great prospects for refinance offers with lower payments. Download the sales sheet

Refi Genius Campaign Generates Millions in New Auto Loans
In one campaign with Refi Genius Orion FCU generated $2.6 million in auto loans with a member response rate of 7% and a non-member response rate of 1%. Watch the video to learn more



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