Hard-working creative ensures that your communications get noticed and read. It goes beyond pretty pictures and snappy headlines to engage prospects — and drive response. Creating effective loan marketing collateral isn’t easy, particularly in a highly regulated industry like financial services, but there are certainly ways to make your loan marketing stand out.

The best practices in this guide from Harland Clarke offer a powerful “toolbox” with which to build creative that won’t be ignored. So, what can you do to ensure that your creative is working as hard as it can for you? This guide covers:

  • Reinforcing your brand through creative
  • How to lead with a competitive offer
  • Educating your audience
  • Creating urgency around the offer

And more.

Harland Clarke draws upon our 140 years of industry experience in serving financial institutions when putting together content for our clients. The loan marketing best practices in the guide were honed over years of research and successful campaign building for the clients we work with. Don’t miss your opportunity to drive real results during your institution’s next loan marketing campaign.

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