Governance, Risk & Compliance

Manage Risk.
Track Compliance.
Be Audit Ready.

The financial services industry is facing an explosion of new laws and regulations. Financial institutions of all sizes are feeling the pressure as ever-more-complex rules are introduced at an alarming rate.

Keeping up seems impossible — which is why you need GRC Manager, an automated, scalable software solution to help you manage your regulatory challenges.

GRC Manager, powered by LockPath®, is intuitive, flexible, scalable software designed to bring order to the chaos of information governance, compliance, risk management and IT security. Easy to use and implement, GRC Manager integrates all of the manual processes you’re now using into one comprehensive, automated solution.

Using GRC Manager breaks down organizational silos related to GRC and delivers GRC efficiency to your entire organization. By replacing outdated methods and processes with GRC Manager, you will:

  • Spend less time and money on compliance
  • Gain a holistic view into all risk and compliance activities
  • Import relevant data from multiple sources
  • Integrate operational, third-party and security risk assessments with appropriate compliance activities
  • Quickly generate reports for internal stakeholders and external auditors
  • Assess the risk of dozens, hundreds or thousands of vendors and business partners
  • Tie IT metrics and risks to enterprise metrics and risks
  • Decrease audit preparation and execution time