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No one likes to wait, especially when it comes to accessing funds. But account holders are often asked to wait for days to receive their new or replacement cards in the mail.

With Card@Once from Harland Clarke, the wait is over. Card@Once is a comprehensive solution for secure, in-branch card personalization and issuance. It enables branch staff to distribute fully functioning, personalized cards onsite — in less than two minutes.

“Everyone loves the idea of instant issuance, but until Card@Once, the available solutions were expensive and bulky, and they required significant support from the financial institution’s internal IT staff,” said Greg Kuyava, manager of sales for Harland Clarke Card Services. “Card@Once is easy, compact and affordable. It’s exactly what banks and credit unions have been looking for in terms of in-branch issuance.”

sidebarBenefits Add Up
Card@Once offers significant benefits to both financial institutions and account holders. For example:

How It Works
Easy, quick card ordering. Branch personnel simply log in to a secure website and enter the card order data, which is then transmitted to a secure processing center. The data is encrypted and immediately sent back to the branch’s Card@Once printer. The printer decrypts the message and prints the card.

High-quality card printing. Branch employees can use the institution’s preprinted card stock or print customized, full-color designs. The printer is small — only 9" x 16" — but holds up to 100 cards.

Built-in security. The Card@Once printer has a built-in firewall and is PCI certified.

Valuable reporting. The Card@Once web application provides comprehensive reporting capabilities. Branch employees can research the day’s printing history, generate reports and manage user roles.

Optional customer-created PIN solution. For financial institutions that don’t have the ability to create a PIN offset, an optional iPad PIN solution enables cardholders to generate a PIN on the spot.

No Software, No Service Contracts
One of the key reasons Card@Once is so appealing to financial institutions is its affordability. Because the service is web-based, there’s no software or dedicated server to buy and no technology management necessary for the institution. Branch personnel can just plug in the printer, and it's ready to go.

DHCU: Reducing Expenses, Building Loyalty
DHCU Community Credit Union switched to Card@Once earlier this year and is using the product in all branches. “We open a large number of checking accounts each month and we want them active immediately,” said Matt McCombs, executive vice president of sales and strategic direction at DHCU. “For members, it’s the simple things that build loyalty, and instant issuance is one of those things. For us, using Card@Once has reduced expenses substantially, and we’ve gone from using three vendors to a single point of contact.”

According to Kuyava, financial institutions have been craving a solution that’s so straightforward. “By dramatically reducing the cost of instant issuance — and making it so easy — we’ve opened the door to more institutions looking for new ways to gain a competitive edge.”

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Start to finish: Two-minute process.