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Meeting the Compliance Needs of Umpqua Bank

If you’re going to bill yourself as “the world’s greatest bank,” you had better be prepared to go above and beyond when it comes to keeping customers informed. Umpqua Bank embraced the challenge, utilizing email communications from several business units to give customers as much information as possible to successfully manage their finances. However, this commitment to communication also presented a challenge when it came to compliance and audit considerations such as email retention and retrieval. “We had processes in place for retention, but we were still looking for a better solution,” explained Joan Salvatore, assistant vice president and research director for creative strategies with Umpqua Bank. “Ideally, we were looking to automate some manual processes.”

With a decentralized approach to messaging, Umpqua Bank knew it was important to standardize the archival and retrieval processes of its emails. While it was clear that Harland Clarke Digital’s SubscriberMail platform offered the email marketing capabilities Umpqua Bank needed to deliver on its commitment to communication, strategic discussions between the two partners revealed that Harland Clarke Digital’s SM:Vault archival solution was ideally suited to meet the bank’s email compliance and audit needs.

Whereas manual message retention can leave the door open for the integrity of sent messages to be compromised, SM:Vault’s unique archival process retains an exact duplicate of sent messages on a per-recipient basis. While these messages can still be retrieved, no one — not even the Harland Clarke Digital team — has the ability to edit or delete any messages. “The beauty for compliance and audit purposes is that it’s a one-source location for retrieval. We have assurance in the Vault that what we sent to the customer is what is archived,” Salvatore said.

Umpqua Bank also recognized value in SM:Vault’s quick-access search features and the level of detail being retained for each individual email (such as images within the message). “The Vault offers a sophisticated solution that gives us the ability to reproduce uneditable copies of emails right down to the specific recipient,” Salvatore said. “The Vault met all our needs and, in some cases, surpassed them.”

Safe email

Harland Clarke Digital quickly worked to connect Umpqua Bank’s email marketing account with SM:Vault. Once this implementation was complete, all of Umpqua Bank’s messages sent through SubscriberMail also began funneling into SM:Vault, where they will remain locked down for the three-year period requested by Umpqua Bank. The impact was immediate for Salvatore and her team.

“Having an automated email retention process ensures consistency throughout the bank and provides operational efficiencies to all of our SubscriberMail administrators,” said Salvatore.

By understanding and anticipating needs, Harland Clarke Digital is able to proactively develop solutions such as SM:Vault that promote the expansion of email programs without sacrificing organizational standards. In taking an active role to further the efficiencies of the Umpqua Bank email program, even as the program was opened to additional business divisions, Harland Clarke Digital demonstrated the importance it places on providing actionable, strategic insights to its partners.

“We are confident that the support we get from the Harland Clarke Digital team is solidly based in good business practices and that we are getting excellent guidance on email best practices,” said Salvatore.

To learn more about SM:Vault or the entire suite of Harland Clarke Digital solutions, email us at or reach us by phone at 1.630.303.5000.