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Executive Spotlight From Tom Triozzi

Data-driven Marketing: More Important Than Ever

Tom TriozziTom Triozzi is vice president of product marketing. Before joining Harland Clarke, Tom was the head of a marketing organization at a regional bank in the Southeast. Today he is responsible for leading a team of product and marketing professionals whose main goal is to help our clients achieve success.

The list of challenges that financial institution chief marketing officers (CMOs) face is daunting: from brand management to social media; from quantifying results to managing the growing number of new marketing channels and devices. Balancing and optimizing the needs of stakeholders, shareholders and account holders is no easy task in the current environment and foreseeable future. As a matter of fact, we all know it’s going to continue to become even more complicated with the proliferation of devices and the increasing number of channels and tools with which customers can choose to engage companies. Compounding this problem for marketers is often a lack of actionable data and insight into how customers’ behaviors impact current and future profitability. It’s no wonder that the CMO has the shortest tenure of any of the “C” suite executives.

At Harland Clarke we’ve worked hard to develop diagnostic tools, products and services to provide insight and, more importantly, the results to help your FI make the best marketing decisions possible. We do this by benchmarking your institution’s data against our industry database and work with you, using these comparisons, to enhance your FI’s marketing strategy to best support your objectives.

Our goal is to help institutions like yours become the primary bank or credit union for your account holders. We do this by developing strategies and tactics that cultivate the right account holder relationships, increase their value and extend their tenure throughout the account holder lifecycle.

Some of the ways we do this — with solutions and strategies for account holder-centric marketing — are highlighted in this issue of Delivering Value. Two of our most experienced marketing strategists share how important it is for FI marketers to start developing marketing plans early, how analytics and research tools can support more effective decision making, and how to tie effective marketing to both account holder and institutional profitability.

You will also read about other helpful products and services we’ve recently launched, such as Harland Clarke Digital’s automated email solution — aptly named SM:Vault — to help institutions meet compliance and audit needs by efficiently archiving every unique email sent. You’ll also see how we are making it even easier for new account holders to access their money with a paradigm-busting, instant-issue solution, Card@Once®. This solution provides your account holders the ability to immediately start accessing their account, while supporting the goal of becoming their primary financial institution.

When it comes to the tremendous pressure financial institution marketers face today, the team here at Harland Clarke gets it. We’re here to help you make sense of it all, determine what priorities to focus on, and make informed decisions about where to invest your marketing dollars. It’s what we excel at, it’s what we’re passionate about, and it’s what we’re committed to.

Tom Triozzi
Tom Triozzi
Vice President, Product Marketing
Harland Clarke