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Online branche create growth opportunities
Financial institutions have a new tool to offer account holders who want to protect themselves against identity theft. Harland Clarke's enhanced security check, which was launched in April, includes five innovative features that provide an additional level of check security:

Online branche create growth opportunities

"Identity and check thieves have gotten more sophisticated," says Pamela Perry, director of consumer products for Harland Clarke. "So we have provided a new type of check that helps combat the increased sophistication as well."

Identity thieves have gotten more sophisticated.
So has our Security Check.

Our counterfeit-evident checks are sold as part of a Security Check Kit package, which is designed to deter check fraud and identity theft in several ways. It includes three permanent-ink pens to prevent check washing as well as a security tip checklist and exclusive access to a consumer fraud protection website. This password-protected site, available only to account holders ordering the kit, comprises two educational modules that explain in detail how to help prevent identity theft and check fraud, and what to do if the account holder believes a crime has been committed. The entire kit is also shipped with secure and trackable delivery via CheckProtect®.

What's more, the Security Check Kit is a great value. "At $25.95, it has an attractive price point that encourages consumers to order," says Perry.

Perry notes that banks and credit unions have been asking about making a security check option available for consumers, especially for account holders who want an increased level of security for their checks. Thus, the Security Check Kit can help improve account holder acquisition and retention.

"If financial institutions don't offer a product with the enhanced level of security account holders want, they may look elsewhere," says Perry. "It's all about giving account holders more options that help keep them safe."

Harland Clarke's Security Check Kit offers a great value for account holders and a smart way to boost acquisition and retention.

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