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Leadership Letter From Dan Singleton

The Value of Security

Executive Spotlight

Dan SingletonDan Singleton is president and chief operating officer of Harland Clarke. He oversees all business units for Payment Solutions, Marketing Services and Security Solutions, including sales, marketing, operations and contact centers. He joined the company in 1988 and has more than 20 years of experience in the securities printing industry.

Security is much more than a hot topic in the financial services industry right now; it is a powerful movement that is influencing the way we all do business. Thieves are utilizing increasingly sophisticated techniques to access consumer data. Financial institutions are dealing with enhanced regulatory oversight and compliance requirements at the federal level, and security-breach legislation enacted by states across the country. Together, these factors make a comprehensive approach to security and compliance critical in today's marketplace.

That is the position Harland Clarke has taken as an organization. We are committed to security — and when we commit to an idea, a value or a principle, it becomes part of who we are and what we do on a daily basis. Furthermore, we back our dedication to security with significant resource investments in the people, processes and technologies that help us keep confidential information secure as a trusted adviser and solution provider.

In this issue of Delivering Value, we provide recommendations for the qualities to look for in a third-party vendor that will help you evaluate its security posture. Our Solution Spotlight highlights Harland Clarke's new identity protection solution, which is a win-win for your institution and your account holders. And our article on Harland Clarke's newly released Security Check Kit presents details about how account holders can receive increased protection from check fraud with the enhanced and innovative security features of this offering.

In addition, you will find information about self-service optimization, which enables account holders to do business with your bank or credit union when and where they choose, and how your financial institution can effectively assign ownership for self-service operations. You will also discover how to integrate mobile advertising and social media into your institution's marketing plan to reach small-business account holders successfully.

With many moving parts in a dynamic industry, Harland Clarke keeps its finger on the pulse of the latest trends and influencing factors. We not only assist you in determining the potential effects they will have on your bank or credit union, but also translate our knowledge and experience into solutions that help you increase revenue, reduce expenses and enhance the account holder experience — whatever the market faces.

We appreciate your business and the ongoing opportunity to be of service to you.

Dan Singleton
Dan Singleton
President and Chief Operating Officer
Harland Clarke