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Harland Clarke Expands Marketing
Capabilities With Two Acquisitions

In keeping with our commitment to help our financial institution clients acquire, measure,and optimize account holder relationships and return on investment, Harland Clarke acquired two companies in December: SubscriberMail and Protocol Integrated Marketing Solutions (IMS). These acquisitions enhance our suite of integrated, multi-channel marketing services and solutions.

SubscriberMail, based in Lisle, Illinois, is an award-winning marketing communications and technology firm that provides on-demand e-mail marketing services along with a proprietary e-mail technology platform. “E-mail is a critical tool for communicating withaccount holders and prospects today,” says Harland Clarke President and COO Dan Singleton. “The acquisition of SubscriberMail enables us to offer our clients stand-alone and end-to-end marketing solutions enhanced by the benefits of electronic communications, such as timeliness, cost-effectiveness and measurability.”

Protocol IMS, formerly a division of Sarasota, Florida-based Protocol Global Solutions, provides advanced database marketing as well as inbound and outbound business-to-business telemarketing services. “These solutions not only expand on our ability to target the right consumers with the right message at the right time, but also provide the telemarketing support that has been shown to increase marketing effectiveness,” Singleton adds.

The decision to acquire both companies was not just about the right mix of capabilities, however. It was also about an alignment of vision. “Our purpose has always been to help our clients acquire, onboard, grow and retain valuable account holder relationships for the long term,” says Harland Clarke Holdings Corp. President and CEO Chuck Dawson. “SubscriberMail and Protocol IMS demonstrated this same level of commitment and fit with Harland Clarke’s vision of successful future growth for our company and our clients.”