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Thriving in 2010 and Beyond

Leadership Letter From Dan Singleton

Executive Spotlight

Dan Singleton is president and chief operating officer of Harland Clarke. He oversees all business units for Payments Solutions, Marketing Services and Security Solutions, including sales, marketing, operations and contact centers. He joined the company in 1988 and has more than 20 years of experience in the securities printing industry.

Dan SingletonAs the U.S. economy moves slowly toward recovery, the effects of the downturn are still being felt from Main Street to Wall Street. While acknowledging the challenges that exist, the team at Harland Clarke is looking forward and placing our attention on what we feel is the solution.

For us, that means we are focused not only on working collaboratively with you toward your success, but also providing the opportunities that help make that possible. And our definition of success is not that your financial institution simply survives the downturn; it is that your organization thrives during it, and beyond.

We believe thriving is indeed possible, and this issue of Delivering Value illustrates some of the ways that can be achieved. Our cover story delves into back-to-basics banking and how to nurture trust-based relationships with account holders — particularly as legislation related to overdraft protection services works its way through Congress amid widespread media attention. Business owners have a lot on their minds, and our small-business feature reveals not only what members of this profitable marketing segment are thinking, but also what they want and need in terms of service and tools to run their businesses.

If you've been looking for ways to increase organic growth, you'll learn how taking action with cross-sell programs now can pay off with existing account holders in this tough economy. You'll also find a way to tap into a market that currently is experiencing exponential growth — prepaid cards — and lay the groundwork for long-term relationships with prospective account holders. And in our article about Frost Bank, a $16 billion bank in Texas, you'll discover what a successful and collaborative partnership between Harland Clarke and one of our financial institution clients looks like.

You’ll also read about two recent Harland Clarke acquisitions: SubscriberMail and Protocol IMS. These companies provide advanced e-mail, database marketing and telemarketing capabilities that further broaden our suite of direct marketing solutions. In addition, their commitment to long-term growth fits with our vision for Harland Clarke, and for your organization.

As we move toward a successful future together, Harland Clarke remains committed to developing and acquiring the innovative solutions that deliver fresh approaches to existing challenges, and to helping you navigate legislative changes that affect your institution and your account holders. We appreciate your business and the ongoing opportunity to help you thrive.

Dan Singleton
Dan Singleton
President and Chief Operating Officer
Harland Clarke