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Executing the Strategy

Harland Clarke Marketing Services and Harland Financial Solutions have the tools and solutions to help you weather any storm

Delivering Value turned to Sam Kilmer of Harland Financial Solutions and Heather Young Elder of Harland Clarke Marketing Services to find out how we can help with the 10 strategic initiatives outlined by Chris Nichols. If you would like more information about any of these services, contact your account executive or write us at

1 Preserve capital.
Harland Financial Solutions’ CreditQuest is an ideal solution to manage and preserve capital, find credit and operational risks, and defend your balance sheet.

2 Manage credit.
CreditQuest, integrated with Laser Pro, helps you maintain a strong capital base and mitigate risk. Interlinq E3 and Loan Servicing are also critical tools for credit management. Harland Clarke’s Credit Optimization solution focuses on driving credit utilization for your existing customers who have less credit risk.

3 Define your value proposition.
Harland Clarke Marketing Services can help directly communicate your brand message. And consider using its Mystery Shop service to validate that your front-line personnel are delivering on your value proposition. Touché Analyzer helps your financial institution quantify its market position and determine which market segments garner the highest value.

4 Slash overhead.
Increase productivity through more output per employee with branch automation solutions (Encore!, EZ Teller), credit management solutions (CreditQuest, E3, Laser Pro) and core banking solutions (Phoenix System, UltraData System, SPARAK System, Intrieve Advantage). Incrementally shift transactions to self-service channels via Cavion internet banking, business banking and mobile banking.

Harland Clarke’s check referral programs reduce bank expenses while taking labor costs out of your branches, putting business consumers directly in touch with our experts.

5 Take advantage of technology.
Many institutions have, or are contemplating, modern delivery channels in the branch (like Encore!), mobile banking (like Cavion) and loan origination (like CreditQuest or E3). However, most financial institutions use dated back-office technologies that require extraordinary integration, “middleware” and reporting. You’ll need to look at the underlying technology that the customer or member may never see (e.g., the core system, back-office lending systems) and ask how much better off your institution would be in terms of productivity, expenses and employee experience if it had systems that were easier to learn, manage and connect. Increasingly, architecture matters not only to the chief technology officer, but also to the chief executive officer.

6 Think like Wal-Mart and Target.
Touché Analyzer and Messenger and Stratics Predictive Modeling identify the right customer for the right offer, the right time and the right delivery channel. Encore!, Cavion and our core systems are great vehicles for delivering service and customized sales. Combine Harland Clarke’s Mystery Shop expertise to spot sales training needs with our Educational Services programs to efficiently deliver web-based training.

7 Limit your metrics.
Business intelligence and analytics applications, such as CreditQuest’s Portfolio Manager, Touché Analyzer, or even the incorporated business intelligence of a core system like the Phoenix System, can generate critical key performance indicators associated with a balanced scorecard or dashboard.

8 Segment your account holders.
Segmenting the account holder base is the textbook application of Touché Analyzer. This can be done in terms of profitability, relationship value, demographics, balances, channel usage and likely next purchases. For risk-specific analysis, CreditQuest is often used for segmentation (i.e., type of collateral, type of business, other risks).

9 Focus on account bundling.
Touché Analyzer can help with analyzing, packaging, what-if pricing analysis and segmenting for the bundles delivered in one of our core systems or a branch application like Encore!.

10 Market hope, not fear.
Take advantage of two of Harland Clarke Marketing Services’ newest programs. They help with rapid acquisition and with communicating the safety and soundness of your institution via direct mail. And there is no substitute for training your personnel to identify and deal with challenging account holders. Solutions from our Compliance eAcademy and Educational Services are good options for creating and delivering quick educational and testing content.