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Harnessing Diversity to Improve Performance
and Drive Growth

When businesses grow, innovation is often a driver. And what helps drive innovation? Diversity.

Diverse Business People

Stacy Franklin, Harland Clarke’s director of diversity management, shared that perspective recently at the 18th Annual Society for Human Resource Management conference in Atlanta. During the strategic session titled “Smart Companies Leverage Diversity,” Franklin and her fellow panelists spoke about how their organizations are utilizing diversity management to enhance competitive strength and meet the needs of emerging markets.

To do that effectively, high-performing companies take a holistic approach that harnesses diversity among their employees, suppliers, strategic partnerships and communities. Although differences exist in how organizations define diversity and why they implement diversity management initiatives, the connections between diversity and the business case — and the resulting impact on the bottom line — are becoming more clear.
Diversity statistics
Responding to the needs of diverse consumer markets requires innovative approaches to problem solving, decision making, communication, and product and service development. Such innovation is fostered by inclusiveness as well as diversity of thought, skills and perspectives. Harland Clarke values these aspects of diversity and harnesses them to help meet the company’s objective to be a market-leading Fortune 500 company through growth and performance excellence. “We believe having a diverse and inclusive workforce is more than just the right thing to do,” says Chuck Dawson, president and CEO of Harland Clarke. “It’s an important component of our business strategy that will enable us to meet our key business objectives.”

Our financial institution clients also benefit from Harland Clarke’s commitment to diversity management. As consumer demographics shift, Harland Clarke is better able to deliver the solutions that meet the needs of these diverse groups — contributing to the potential for greater competitive advantage and bottom-line returns for our clients.

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What Does Diversity Look Like at Harland Clarke?

When we hear the word “diversity,” physical attributes such as race or gender often come to mind. Harland Clarke embraces these and other dimensions of diversity, including non-visible factors like family status, generation, tenure, social styles, work experience and abilities as well as the unique skills, characteristics and perspectives of a collective mixture of people.

Harland Clarke views diversity management as the process of strategically creating and maintaining an environment that naturally enables all participants to contribute to their full potential in pursuit of organizational objectives.

This is reflected in the following areas:

Harland Clarke employees in the community
Harland Clarke employees serving their communities.