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Activating Potential Through Diversity

Leadership Letter from David Porter

Executive Spotlight

David Porter is a member of Harland Clarke’s executive management team responsible for Human Resources. He has held roles of general manager and senior vice president of finance. Prior to joining the company in 2003, he was a leader at Cessna Aircraft and Bombardier Corp. David holds
a B.S. degree in accounting from the University of Florida and professional certifications in human resources, management accounting, and financial management.

David PorterPotential is a quality that, left untapped within both individuals and organizations, is difficult to measure — but it can help achieve significant results when activated effectively. A key component of the value we deliver at Harland Clarke is helping our financial institution clients activate their potential. We do that internally as well, applying similar principles to our own people, processes and systems.

One way activating potential takes shape across Harland Clarke is through our commitment to diversity management. As an organization, Harland Clarke embraces the many dimensions of diversity — including family status, generation, tenure, social styles, experience, gender, abilities, race, differences in thought and more. We are committed to leading based on requirements rather than personal preferences. This commitment is demonstrated when we hire and retain talented employees with a variety of backgrounds, capabilities and perspectives to lead the innovation that helps financial institutions succeed in the face of increasingly competitive market conditions.

In this issue of Delivering Value, you’ll read more about how diversity helps drive innovation
and, ultimately, growth. Although growth opportunities may seem limited in the current economy, our cover story offers advice from two industry experts to help financial institutions weather the economic climate forecast for the year ahead. If you have considered scaling back your small-business marketing efforts to help cut costs, you may want to rethink that strategy after reading our business-to-business article. And our Solution Spotlight offers insight into how Harland Clarke Marketing Services’ automated solutions can help you make the most of your marketing budget with creative, customized and targeted messaging.

While many companies feel the pinch of a challenged economy, there are always those that manage to perform well amid adversity. Top-performing organizations are increasingly harnessing diversity management as a means to drive innovation, maintain their competitive edge and deliver value in any economic climate. Harland Clarke plans to continue doing these things, for ourselves and for our clients, well into the future.

David Porter
David W. Porter
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Harland Clarke