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Leadership Letter From Dan Singleton

Executive Spotlight

Dan Singleton is president and
chief operating officer of Harland Clarke. He oversees all business units for Payments Solutions, Marketing Services and Business Solutions, including sales, marketing, operations and contact centers. He joined the company in 1988 and has more than 20 years of experience in the securities printing industry.

Dan SingletonSince stepping into my new role as president and chief operating officer
of Harland Clarke, I have had the chance to take a fresh look at some of the opportunities and challenges facing our company and our clients. Without a doubt, we are experiencing significant levels of change in the financial services industry. Every day I encourage Harland Clarke’s leaders and employees to embrace change and utilize it as a catalyst that helps make us better — as a company and as individuals.

Harland Clarke partners with our financial institution clients to help them manage through that change as well. Change is now a requirement in our business, not a possibility. It is particularly important to be open to learning the lessons that these times offer while keeping an eye trained toward the innovation that will help move us forward.

This issue of Delivering Value provides a new look at some of the opportunities and challenges facing your financial institution. Our cover story offers a four-part strategy for maximizing the inherent loyalty in small-business account holders. You’ll also read about the burgeoning mobile banking market, and the benefits of delivering a mobile banking solution to tech-savvy account holders. This month’s case study shows how Harland Clarke’s Bank University can help your institution remain in compliance and increase internal growth opportunities for employees with customizable training solutions. And you’ll discover how to optimize growth and retention by cross-selling to your existing account base.

Our Solution Spotlight highlights why free checks aren’t always the best deal — and how Expense Reduction Solutions provides a “win-win” for your institution and your account holders. You’ll also learn more about Harland Clarke’s proprietary Information Security Program and the ways we protect the confidential information entrusted to us.

As Harland Clarke moves forward and embraces the new, we do so firmly grounded in the values that are important to us. We remain committed to diversity and inclusion, which foster innovation and growth. And in all parts of our organization, we maintain a client-focused vision. We thank you for the continued opportunity to serve you.

Dan Singleton
Dan Singleton
President and Chief Operating Officer
Harland Clarke