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Boosting Internet Check Orders

Using best practices to make a significant impact on internet channel usage and check program profitability

One of Harland Clarke's clients with more than 3 million demand deposit accounts wanted to encourage more account holders to use the internet for ordering checks. The client knew the internet was both its most profitable channel and a leading indicator of account holder loyalty. Based on growing trends of increased online banking usage, the client turned to Harland Clarke for guidance on how to encourage more of its account holders to place check orders via the internet.

Harland Clarke’s e-Commerce Marketing and client account teams reviewed the goals and existing configuration of the internet integration with the client. The teams matched this information with industry trends, e-commerce best practices and web analytics reports to create the following recommendations for the client:

The ability to allow new account orders was implemented by leveraging the security of an integrated link from online banking. The client used its online banking platform to validate the identity of the account holder and then sent that information to Harland Clarke via a secure link. Account holder sessions that were previously blocked from the internet could then be serviced by the online check-ordering platform.

These updates had a dramatic impact on the following key program metrics:

Harland Clarke’s dedicated e-Commerce Marketing team is focused on helping financial institutions promote their brand and successfully utilize the internet channel. For more information about using e-commerce best practices to enhance your check program, contact your Harland Clarke account executive or visit