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Harland Clarke Celebrates Its First Anniversary

by Investing in Your Direction

A first anniversary is an important milestone — it marks the passing of a year and commemorates the inaugural days of a relationship. It also symbolizes newness and tremendous potential.

That is indicative of where we are today. On May 1, 2008, we celebrated a year of doing business as Harland Clarke. Since the company was formed when Clarke American and John H. Harland Co.’s printed products and marketing services divisions joined forces in 2007, we have accomplished a great deal: defining who we are as an organization and the values we stand for, including trust, collaboration and partnership; bringing forth best-in-class solutions from each legacy company; launching new and enhanced products and services that help our financial institution clients achieve their goals; and much more.

All these efforts have been undertaken with one objective in mind: to invest in your direction. And we have only just begun. As Harland Clarke moves into its second year and beyond, we will continue to focus on helping our clients do more, discover and activate untapped potential in their account holder relationships, and increase the lifetime value of those relationships.

Payment Solutions: New Choices, High-Quality Service

In a year when other check printers and service providers saw sharp declines in their delivery service levels, Harland Clarke improved the experience for our clients. We did that by enhancing check designs for both consumers and business customers, creating streamlined point-of-sale materials that save branch employees time and help keep fee income in-house, and offering more payment solutions than ever for account holders.

For example, with specialized card services, our clients can strengthen cardholder relationships and loyalty, increase operating efficiencies, and boost card usage, penetration, and non-interest income, just to name a few. Innovative debit and credit card designs, such as the “clear” (or see-through) card stock launched this past year, are popular with consumers and the financial industry alike. In fact, one of the clear cards, created by Harland Clarke, won the Élan Award in April 2008 from the International Card Manufacturers Association for Best Secure Financial Card.

Harland Clarke also provides a range of solutions to help financial institutions of all sizes run their businesses. Within the past year, we launched MICR Quick™, in-house software that enables our clients to print on-the-spot personalized starter checks for home or business. It also prints other MICR-related documents. Account holders can choose the designs and paper stock of Harland Clarke’s full check orders. In addition, we facilitated e-learning programs, with 78,651 hours of financial institution-specific professional development coursework completed via the Internet. By utilizing Harland Clarke online educational services, financial institutions can provide a broad curriculum of more than 200 courses covering topics such as compliance, teller school, sales and service training, community relations, and much more. These courses can be delivered without support from an in-house training department.

Marketing Services: A New Leader, Years of Experience

By combining the extensive experience of the companies that joined together to create Harland Clarke, we have quickly become one of the leading providers of marketing services for financial institutions. Harland Clarke’s breadth of comprehensive marketing solutions helps clients, large and small, successfully acquire, retain and grow account holder relationships. For example, Acquisition Accelerator™ and Intelligent Onboarding™, two market-driven solutions launched in the past year, help get relationships off to a strong start by acquiring and engaging new account holders and generating long-term loyalty. CheckSmart Messaging™, TeleSmart Messaging™, Credit Optimization™ and Momentum Mail™ are programs that provide ongoing cross-sell and utilization communications that strengthen, grow and retain existing account holder relationships. And our Opportunity Analysis™ helps find and accelerate some of the untapped potential in your portfolio, identifying your greatest areas of risk and your best opportunities.

Harland Clarke also offers one-of-a-kind, highly customized marketing solutions through our Agency Services, helping you stay ahead of the competition with targeted solutions that communicate your value and distinguish you in the marketplace.

From strategy and business intelligence to creative and production services—all with high-touch client support— Harland Clarke’s broad suite of marketing capabilities complements your marketing activities to optimize results.

Every step of the way, each Harland Clarke financial institution client can be assured that its confidential information, along with that of its account holders, is protected. Harland Clarke has made a commitment to information protection, along with a substantial investment in time, effort and financial resources that it takes to follow through on that commitment. Whether printing checks or providing marketing services, Harland Clarke offers the highest level of protection possible for all the information clients entrust with us.

Our meticulous security standards and processes are employed in four key areas: information security, physical security, privacy compliance, and vendor risk assessment programs—and we have a dedicated security department that oversees all aspects of Harland Clarke’s data security efforts. In 2007, all Harland Clarke Marketing Services production operations merged in its Baltimore facility. A short time later, that facility earned the 2007 Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Certification, which requires adherence to a rigorous set of standards for data security issued by the PCI Security Standards Council.

Business Solutions: Enhanced Revenue, Increased Satisfaction

With more than 26 million in number and growing, “small” business is “big” business in the U.S. As soon as Harland Clarke came together, we identified the best-of-the-best business products and services to serve this market segment. Small businesses with 100 or fewer employees represent a significant opportunity to grow revenue, improve account holder satisfaction and retain a valuable asset: the business owner.

Harland Clarke has created a combined business solution offering that includes enhanced, patented and industryunique security features on checks; new and refreshed three-to-a-page check design options; new designs for business wallet checks; additional laser check formats and colors; improved business deposit ticket designs; a salesfocused catalog; and much more. We have been talking to small businesses and listening to what they want and need to run their business.

Secure Solutions: Innovative Features, More Options

A challenge that has been top-of-mind is security. You communicated it, and we responded. From innovative check security features like Fugitive Ink, Warning Box and Security Weave™ to offerings such as ID Reclaim™ and Secure Delivery Tracking, Harland Clarke provides the security solutions account holders expect. And, with the soon to be announced Red Flag Toolkit, Harland Clarke will continue to offer solutions to help financial institutions as they prepare to comply with Red Flag legislation requirements by November 1, 2008.

Harland Clarke: Uniquely Positioned

With more than 200 years of combined experience under our belt and a comprehensive array of solutions to help financial institutions realize their objectives, Harland Clarke is uniquely positioned to help find and activate untapped potential in relationships with account holders through a variety of payment solutions, marketing services and business solutions. With more than 200 million consumer touchpoints from May 2007 to May 2008 alone, we consistently utilize both expertise and opportunity to help you increase the lifetime value of each and every account holder.

As we celebrate our first anniversary, Harland Clarke is also looking ahead—prepared to listen to what is important to you, design solutions that meet your needs and those of your account holders, and exceed your expectations with a sense of focus, purpose and integrity.

At Harland Clarke, we do all this as a strategic partner with a results-driven approach and the experience to navigate through both shifting economic conditions and the changes that are taking place in the financial services industry. And we look forward to serving you in this way for many years to come.