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Harland Clarke’s First Anniversary:
A Time of Celebration and Anticipation

Leadership Letter from Chuck Dawson

Executive Spotlight

Chuck Dawson is the president and CEO of Harland Clarke Holding Corp. The holding company oversees Harland Clarke, Harland Financial Solutions, and Scantron. Prior to his current role, he served as CEO of Clarke American and previously, as CEO of Rocky Mountain Bank Note. He has more than 30 years experience in the securities printing business, including GM responsibility with Harland.

Chuck DawsonWhen relationships are new, they often have a sense of excitement and anticipation. As they become more established, whether in business or in life, relationships tend to take on other qualities as well, like familiarity and trust.

At Harland Clarke, we have the best of both worlds. May 1 marked the first anniversary of the merger of two industry leaders under the Harland Clarke banner, culminating a year of change and significant success. Our list of accomplishments from this past year is lengthy. We are proud of that, but more importantly, we are focused on what our accomplishments mean for our clients. All our efforts represent an investment of time, energy and resources in your direction—in helping your financial institution achieve its goals, strengthen relationships with account holders, and increase the lifetime value of those relationships.

In this issue of Delivering Value, you’ll find examples of what that looks like in terms of day-to-day operations. The cover story outlines some key facts you need to know about the November 1 FACTA “Red Flag” rules deadline and how your financial institution can navigate the process smoothly. You’ll learn more about how we’ve spent our time during the past year, bringing forth best-in-class products and services to discover and activate the untapped potential in our clients’ organizations. In Security Corner, you will read about the latest trends in identity theft, according to a survey by Javelin Strategy and Research. If you have been looking for strategic solutions to acquiring and retaining core deposits, Solution Spotlight can help. And you’ll learn more about the bottom-line and real-life impact Harland Clarke has on our clients and in their communities.

As Harland Clarke heads into its second year of doing business as a unified company, we are not only celebrating our successes. We are also looking ahead, anticipating the accomplishments that will come as a result of blending more than 200 years of financial services experience with innovation— both of which are needed in a competitive marketplace during turbulent economic times— so we can best serve our clients. And in doing so, we will add more layers of trust and familiarity to those relationships, strengthening an already solid foundation.

Best regards,
Chuck Dawson Signature
Chuck Dawson
President and CEO Harland Clarke