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2006 4th Quarter:

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New Trends Driving Small Business Growth

Talk to 100 adults at random and statistics suggest you will probably find that at least six of them are trying to start a new business. That translates to more than 10 million adults in the United States. You will also find start-ups in some interesting emerging industries:

The eBay® Economy
Drop-Off Retail, Web Hosting,
eBay Consultants, Shippers, Power Sellers
The Garbage Economy
Electronics Recyclers, Paper Shredding,
Recycling, Personal Waste Management
The Fit Economy
Sports & Fitness Apparel, Bottled Water,
Organic Foods, Health & Anti-Aging Products,
Niche Fitness Franchises
The Sandwich Economy
Home-Delivery Services (Food, Pharmaceuticals),
Home-Based Services (Cleaning, Laundry),
Community Services, Nursing Homes, Child Care

More and more, these small companies are being run by minority women, who are opening new businesses at six times the rate of all privately held businesses. Indeed, since 1997, the number of businesses owned by minority women has grown by nearly 55 percent. Furthermore, womenowned businesses in general are expanding into such “nontraditional” fields as construction, agriculture services, and the F.I.R.E. industries (finance, insurance and real estate). Banks and credit unions eager to capitalize on these trends should consider revisiting their risk-assessment models before granting loans. That brand new eBay drop-off center down the block has a very different business paradigm from the decades-old mom-and-pop luncheonette across the street.