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2006 4th Quarter:

Message From Jeff Heggedahl

Jeff Heggedahl, President, Harland Printed Products

Jeff Heggedahl

The financial services industry is changing at an incredible pace, and each day it grows more competitive. As we consider the industry as a whole, we continue to ask ourselves, “How can Harland address the needs of the banking industry—for banks and credit unions of all sizes?” The answer lies in our ability to truly understand what is important to the segments we serve. We must gain deeper knowledge of our clients’ priorities, challenges and opportunities, as well as the business environments in which they compete.

Gathering that knowledge requires research, investigation and close work with clients on many different levels. In this issue of Delivering Value, we share the results of extensive work Harland has conducted to better understand the needs of small business accountholders. We examine the trends driving small business growth and share best practices for building trust-based relationships. We recognize small business as a growing and profitable segment for many financial institutions, and as you increase your focus and investment in this area, so will we.

Managing risks is another critical concern for you and the industry at large, and one of the ways Harland is making an impact is in check fraud prevention. Today check fraud is a $5.5 billion problem for financial institutions and growing. Of this total, forgery accounts for 29 percent of all check fraud, and counterfeit checks 21 percent. Harland’s patent-pending invention, ValidifyTM, addresses both types of check fraud by validating the authenticity of the maker’s signature and the physical check document before funds are released. With early results indicating an 85 percent fraud capture rate, Validify is poised to save financial institutions millions of dollars annually, and it holds the potential to virtually eliminate check fraud industry wide. In our Security Corner, you’ll enjoy reading our interview with Monica Canchola, vice president of operations administration for Tri Counties Bank in Chico, Calif., one of our original pilot partners to develop and test the solution. Tri Counties has installed the Validify technology and is now offering high-security checks to its employees and customers.

Harland occupies a unique position because of the tool sets we have to address the complex business needs of the financial services industry. Now, more than ever, we’re placing increased focus on understanding your business and then, rather than selling you products, we’re taking a solutions-based approach to help you drive better business performance. This is a significant shift in the way we do business, and one example is our newest offering in the area of Deposit Benchmarking—a capability that draws on expertise, resources and investments from across Harland’s entire business enterprise. In our Solution Spotlight, Tom Richards discusses the “Deposit Dilemma” and how our benchmarking capabilities can help you address this growing industry concern.

Harland is committed to your success—whether that’s growing your business, managing risks, reducing expenses, optimizing performance or adapting to change. Whatever your key success drivers are, we are working to more fully understand them and to bring you comprehensive solutions that increase your competitive advantage—and your bottom line. Thank you for your continued trust and confidence in Harland.

Wishing you safe and happy holidays,

Jeff Heggedahl, President
Harland Printed Products