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2006 3rd Quarter:

Marketing Made Meaningful

HarlandImpactSM Leverages One-to-One Messaging to Improve Marketing Performance

Anne Swank, Vice President, Marketing

Financial institutions of all sizes strive to reach the same objectives— realizing organic growth and improving performance. Today’s competitive marketplace has not only made it more difficult for institutions to grow market share, but sustaining that growth year over year has become equally challenging. With rising interest rates, fierce competition, consolidation among financial services providers, and new entries to the market by nontraditional competitors, financial institutions face an uphill battle. Moreover, financial services marketers are increasingly being held accountable for demonstrating measurable results.

Added to these challenges is the increased consumer demand for more customized marketing. Industry research shows consumers in general believe that ads are very intrusive. Consumers feel bombarded by information that is neither meaningful nor relevant to them. Turned off by traditional advertising channels, consumers are signing up at record levels for do not call lists, spam blockers, and home entertainment services that offer fast forwarding through television commercials.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The age of oneway mass communication is fading, and it’s rapidly being replaced by one-to-one marketing where savvy marketers are engaging consumers in a two-way interactive fashion across multiple channels. Marketing messaging content is no longer one size fits all, but is being driven demographically, behaviorally and transactionally down to the individual level.

Consumer sophistication combined with new technologies has provided a means by which consumers can pick and choose the media with which they want to interact. The Internet has revolutionized information exchange along with the rise of cell phones, email, text messaging, online advertising and podcasting. In essence, technological advances are facilitating more frequent interactions that are easier and more worthwhile for the consumer—reaching them in a way that is both convenient and meaningful to them. Today’s consumers expect you to know them—their information, their needs and their perferences. They want communications from their financial institution that are accurate, informative and, most of all, relevant.

Because the marketing environment has changed dramatically, financial services providers are increasingly spending their advertising dollars in customizable one-to-one channels—direct mail, email and the internet, to name a few—rather than traditional mass media. Gone are the days of relying solely on one channel to deliver your marketing message. And, with the cost of marketing campaigns today, management is asking the question—and rightfully so—“What’s our return on investment?” A growing number of financial institutions are answering this question with positive results using solutions from Harland.

Marketing with Impact in the One-to-One World

Financial institutions—large and small—spend significant dollars to acquire accountholders, but engaging, growing and retaining those accountholders is a major challenge when consumers do not want to be contacted or overwhelmed with marketing communications, offers or advertisements. So, what can marketers do? Think inside the box—the checkbox, that is!

HarlandImpactSM takes the check order and seamlessly turns it into a powerful marketing medium through a channel people already trust. The solution leverages Harland’s unique combination of predictive behavioral models and its digital print technology to insert an intelligent, targeted message in each check order. Consumers benefit by receiving information and offers that interest them, and financial institutions benefit by selling more products and services to those consumers. The end result? HarlandImpact helps you grow deposits increase balances, generate revenue, and enhance relationships.

Consider for a moment that the check program touches on average 65 percent of your accountholders. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to create an individual, one-to-one message targeted to each consumer each time he or she orders checks? Checks are a trusted, reliable delivery channel requested by the accountholder and...

  • Checks are consumable, leading to frequent consumer touch points
  • Checks provide utility and stickiness for your accountholders and are often the indicator of the accountholders’ primary financial institution (PFI)
  • Checks not only deliver ongoing fee income for your institution, but with HarlandImpact, they can drive additional revenue through cross- and up-sell of other products and services.

Using the checking account program as a marketing channel, the checkbook becomes a marketing vehicle that enables your financial institution to improve marketing performance and strengthen relationships. In a recent case study, one Harland client achieved a 37 percent lift in buy rate for deposit and loan products, 42 percent lift in balances and a return on investment of 532 percent. The bank achieved over $100 in balance lift per targeted one-to-one message.

To date, over 400 Harland clients have signed up for HarlandImpact, and Liberty clients will now have the opportunity as well. Our case study results are compelling and prove the solution is delivering value for financial institutions of all sizes.

To find out how you can put HarlandImpact to work for you, contact your Harland representative at 1-866-281-5788 or your Liberty account executive at 1-800-597-2435. Look for HarlandImpact and other marketing solutions at